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Елоксирани профили

Елоксирани профили

Electrochemical anodizing is the process of covering the surface of the product with a transparent oxide layer with thickness of 0.010 – 0.025 mm. In ALCOMET this process is carried out on a computer-controlled automatic line in four distinctive stages: pre-treatment with satin finishing, anodizing, colouring and hot sealing. Key features of the anodized products are increased hardness, attractive appearance and corrosion resistance.

Technische Spezifikationen

Legierung: EN AW 6060, 6063, 6005, 6082

Zustand: T4, T5, T6, T66


Max. Länge: 6500mm.

Anodizing colours

Electrochemical: Natural, light and dark bronze, brown and black.

Chemical: Gold and champagne.

Zusätzliches Info

Layer thickness: 10 - 25 microns.
Alloy 6082 can be anodized only for improved corrosion resistance. Decorative appearance is not guaranteed.
Other colours available by request.